Cream 5


1: Take a soupspoon of glycerine, a little less is allowed, you don't need much, this is just to separate the powder granules.

Do use my Food Grade glycerine.


2: Add powder 5, the amount is about 3/4 quart dessert spoon and stir it loose in the glycerine.


3: Add 3 dl water and stir everything with the spoon.


4: Take the beamix with the flat disc, put it on the bottom and mix until it looks white.

Add the extract to a slightly darker colour than you want, the colour becomes lighter as the whole becomes airier.


Pull the beamix up gently to about 8dl, make sure the mixing head stays under the surface, if you get above it you will get bubbles.


Mix through until all the bubbles have disappeared and a finely workable cream has been created.


Carefully remove the beamix so as not to leave any bubbles in the cream.


Glycerin, less than a soup spoon

ADD the poeder, 3/4 quart of a dessert spoon

Loosing the poeder

Add 3dl water

Mix to cream