Setup for maud


All coffee with my supplied material is cold and drinkabl


Basic coffee and cream 5

Pair of small measuring cups.


I always work from a driving serving trolley.

There I have on a bamix with flat disc in a jug of water.


4 siphons filled with basic coffee

bottle of water


Measuring cup Cream 5 

2 measuring cups in stock with dissolved powder 5, this can be prepared in advance and even the water can be added, so it' s ready to stir with the bamix.


During the shoot I usually make 10 cups, espresso or Lungo or any other cup, ready filled with basic coffee.

You can also prepare the cappuccino, see How to make a cappuccino.



So ask for enough glasses.


I would also ask for someone to clean the glasses for you during the shoot.


All you have to do then is pour a little of the cream 5 on top.


You have to keep the cream by stirring with the blender from time to time.


The same goes for all black coffees, but pay attention to how much you fill the different flavors.