New Macchiato,


I've done 3 new tests with Macchiato.

The milk foam layer is lower and softer in appearance.


The breakthrough of the coffee is also calmer as it should be with a Macchiato.

First just below the foam and then the rest down. 1a, 2A, 3A





To get to an end shot with a milk head on it, I have to start high with the milk foam in the glass.


The movement is mainly just after the start.


Because it's an imitation of the real machine I have to fill the bottom a little so it stays white there.


With macchiato number 3 that didn't happen and you see the coffee comes deeper.

When the macchiato is ready the gradient of the layers is also quiet without movement.


So it depends on where you cut away in the shot.


To be honest, every shot will be different.


1A 50%/50%-Creme -2xspoon w1/3 M2/3 -narrow measuring cup -Pressure 2x


3A-more color